Here are the policies that ACCS has developed, and uses.  These policies apply to all transactions with ACCS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the purchase contract.


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In most cases, ACCS charges what the hardware costs me, or the best guess as to what it will cost.  ACCS' profit is in the integration and testing. In general, what you see in PriceWatch (with shipping) is what ACCS charges.  If a price ACCS quotes doesn't look right, there are several possible reasons:

  1. The price given has been changing fast.  This is the most common price problem in the computer/electronics industry.
  2. The item isn't quite the same. An example of this is the CPUs.  ACCS only buys CPUs with a 3-year warranty.
  3. ACCS has a preferred vendor for the item.  This usually occurs with memory.  As an example, ACCS' preferred SDRAM supplier is Crucial.
  4. The lowest priced vendor is so much lower then the rest of the prices that it is difficult to believe.  ACCS assumes that this is a sale price, a clearance, or a typo.
  5. An approximate average of several of the lowest priced vendors was used.  This occurs when the lowest prices are all within a few dollars of each other, and the component is a little scarce.
  6. The item requires special testing, or significantly modifies the testing required.
  7. The vendor with the lower price is one ACCS prefers not to deal with.  It happens, but not often. Vendor information can be found here.

If you have a vendor that you'd like us to use, please tell ACCS in advance.  If this vendor causes a delay, ACCS will inform you, and allow you to pay the difference between the price at that vendor, and the current street price, or accept the delay.

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