ACCS has several requirements that we make of our vendors. These requirements are as follows:
  1. The vendor must accept phone orders. ACCS feels that if a vendor is not willing to talk to a customer before a purchase, that they are unlikely to provide proper support if a problem occurs later. Also, if a company doesn't accept phone orders, it is often difficult to determine product availability.
  2. The vendor must either accept credit cards, or company checks. I don't provide certified checks, and cash can't be used on CODs.
  3. Previous purchases from a vendor must have either been problem free, or encountered problems must have been solved quickly. If purchases from a vendor have a high rate of problems, I won't deal with them. This requirement does not apply for new vendors.
  4. ACCS prefers to purchase from local vendors. This is because of shipping time, and the ability to work in the same time zone. This is not always possible.


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ACCS has dealt with the following vendors, and found that they offer exceptional service. Whenever I need a component, and they have it, they are willing to jump through hoops to provide it to me. Their prices are good, but not always the best; a normal tradeoff for service of this caliber.

Company Name URL
ACME Micro
Milwaukee PC Parts

ACCS will not make purchases from the following vendors. This list is not guaranteed to be up to date or complete, and is subject to change without warning.

Company Name URL Problem
Axion Technologies Incorrect availability information
Bell Microproducts Excessive problems with orders
BZBoyz No phone orders
CompSource Inadequate reseller support
Computer Depot Warehouse Superstore Fraudulent business practices
CoolerGuys Spam source
EMS Computing No phone orders
Esystor No phone orders
NewEgg No phone orders
OfficeMAX 3 week delay on returns
PC Nation Inadequate reseller support
Silicon Valley Compucycle Refused to correct a packing/shipping error & no phone orders
X10 Spam source
Xoxide Spam source

If you are one of these vendors, and wish to be removed from this list, please contact

If you have any comments or suggestions, please E-mail

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