Here are the policies that ACCS has developed, and uses.  These policies apply to all transactions with ACCS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the purchase contract.


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ACCS' normal terms are payment in advance.  ACCS sometimes accepts Purchase Orders, but there are several limitations.  Please see below.

Purchase Orders

ACCS is a small company, without a lot of spare cash lying around.  A Purchase Order is basically a loan from ACCS, to the organization issuing the Purchase Order, for the amount of time that is required for that organization to pay me.  This has a cost to ACCS.  That cost will be passed along, in the form of a 5% surcharge (called a 5% prepayment discount).

ACCS doesn't like to have more then one system at a time being built on a Purchase Order.  This is due to the large amount of money required to purchase the components.  For small systems, ACCS may allow more than one to be built on Purchase Orders, but that is a decision that will be made at the time of the order.

When a Purchase Order is used, the delivery date may be delayed, as ACCS might have to wait for payment from other systems before starting yours. You will be informed if this is the case.

ACCS doesn't allow any organization to have more then one outstanding Purchase Order.

The standard terms for Purchase Orders are Net 30. If more then 30 days are required to pay the Purchase Order, a 2% late fee will be charged, with a $10 minimum.  These late fees are cumulative, and compounding, and will reoccur every 30 days, until full payment (including the late charges) is made.

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