Here are the policies that ACCS has developed, and uses.  These policies apply to all transactions with ACCS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the purchase contract.


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ACCS accepts many types of payment.  If delivery is made in person, cash will be accepted.  Otherwise, ACCS prefers payment by check.  Additionally, ACCS accepts PayPal, but there is a 2.5% surcharge for that service.  Please note that this surcharge is less then the 2.9% that PayPal charges.  Finally, ACCS accepts Visa and MasterCard, but the prepayment discount is not available.

ACCS' bank will place large checks on hold for 7 business days, or until they can get confirmation from your bank that the check has cleared.  Some banks have stopped offering this service.  If your bank won't talk to ACCS' bank about the status of your check, then there will be a significant delay, while your check clears.  This time is not included in the delivery time.

The banks that ACCS knows of that refuse to confirm that a check has cleared can be found here.  Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to verify that their bank will verify that a check has cleared.

All payments must be made in US dollars.  ACCS' bank charges for converting currencies, and the conversion rate changes on a weekly, sometimes even a daily, basis.  This is beyond ACCS' ability to predict.


ACCS normally delivers a system within 30 days of receipt of cleared funds.  For large, or esoteric orders, ACCS may give different delivery terms.  It should be noted that some checks, especially international checks, take a long time to clear, which will effect delivery time.  If this occurs, you will be notified.

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