Here are the policies that ACCS has developed, and uses.  These policies apply to all transactions with ACCS, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the purchase contract.


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In general, ACCS doesn't charge to create a quote.  Quotes on hardware are normally valid for 30 days from issue.  For special circumstances (rapidly changing prices), ACCS may specify a shorter valid term.

On the other hand, ACCS considers a quote for custom hardware to be a privileged communication between a consultant (ACCS) and a potential customer, for the purpose of determining the price of a product.  If the details of this information (i.e. manufacturer and model) are provided to another person or company, for the purpose of attaining a price or a service, then the quote has become a service in itself, and the customer will be billed $300 for this service.


If an order is canceled prior to completion of the system, the customer will have to pay for all components and/or services in the quote that are able to be shipped within 5 business days.  The customer will also have to pay half of the quoted hardware integration and testing cost.


Systems may not be returned, except for cause, and in no case may a system be returned more then 90 days after delivery.  Cause is defined as:

  1. A component that ACCS selected causing the system to be non-operational, and not being corrected or replaced.
  2. A configuration setting ACCS made causing the system to be non-operational, and not being corrected.
  3. Non-delivery of specified components, or comparable components as determined by the customer, and not being corrected.

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