GigaBit Ethernet to the Desktop - Systems Tested


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Systems Tested

All configurations tested were of a performance level where a GigaBit network might be considered to improve performance.

Four computer systems were used to perform the benchmarks. These were designated Server1, Server2, Client1 and Client2. All systems were based on the Intel Pentium 4 series of processor. This was to minimize the effects of architectural differences.

The two servers are similar, both having dual processors and 1GB of memory. Hyper-Threading was disabled on both of these systems.

The Client1 system is configured to be a high-end single-processor workstation, while the Client2 system is configured to be an average new desktop system.

Some of the benchmarks performed do not use a network connection. The results from these tests are shown here, so that the relative performance of the computers can be compared.

All systems were connected to a single switch, in order to simulate the use of a workgroup shared resource. The switch used was an HP procurve switch 5304xl. This switch adds about 6.9 usec. to the latency. This switch was provided by SDSC for the duration of the testing. It should be noted that this low latency is a byproduct of the cut-through design of this switch. A switch with a store-and-forward design will have a significantly longer latency.

All tests were run under RedHat 7.3 Linux, in multi-user mode. The only tuning done is described above, and no patches were applied.

Tests were run between the servers and clients, with limited tests run between servers. Tests were not run between the two clients.

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