GigaBit Ethernet to the Desktop - Server Benchmark Results


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Server Benchmarks

The following benchmarks were measured between the two servers, with the same GigaBit card in both systems. The values shown for LMbench are the averages of the first four runs with the specified pair of cards. The NFS and FTP values are the sum of the transfer times in both directions.

3Com 3C996B-T
Intel 8390MT
NetGear GA622TNA
SMC 9552
SMC 9562
SysKonnect 9D21
LMbench - UDP Latency
241 usec.
176 usec.
456 usec.
57 usec.
59 usec.
100 usec.
LMbench - TCP Latency
246 usec.
178 usec.
395 usec.
61 usec.
64 usec.
113 usec.
LMbench - RPC over UDP Latency
249 usec.
184 usec.
401 usec.
67 usec.
69 usec.
109 usec.
LMbench - RPC over TCP Latency
257 usec.
189 usec.
402 usec.
75 usec.
76 usec.
122 usec.
LMbench - Connection Cost
281 usec.
209 usec.
400 usec.
82 usec.
136 usec.
118 usec.
LMbench - Bandwidth
117 MB/s
94 MB/s
48 MB/s
114 MB/s
112 MB/s
117 MB/s
NFS Transfer time
65.7 sec.
63.3 sec.
121.7 sec.
55.7 sec.
56.7 sec.
62.5 sec.
FTP Transfer time
49.1 sec.
41.2 sec.
121.2 sec.
46.2 sec.
41.1 sec.
51.0 sec.

From the above information, it can be readily seen that, of the six cards tested, the fastest cards in a homogeneous server environment (64-bit PCI) are the SMC cards. This is important to those people who build clusters. As we will see, when 32-bit systems are used, the performance balance changes.

It is important to realize that there are other high-end server cards that fall into the price category of this test, but were not tested. These other cards may well have higher performance.

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