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The project described in this web page was started in May, 2001. The product information in this web page (components to use) is current as of January, 2002. The information in this web page provides the knowledge, and ideas necessary to build a functional TeraByte file server. For more information on current file server offerings, please look here.


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Disk Drives

The purpose of building a TeraByte file server is to store large amounts of data. Therefore, we only need to look at the largest of the available IDE disks. The only companies currently manufacturing large IDE disk drives (over 75GB) are: IBM, Maxtor, Seagate and Western Digital.

The following table lists all of the IDE drives I've been able to find that are larger then 75GB.

Manufacturer Model Size Sectors RPM Average
IBM DTLA-307075 76.9GB 150136560 7200 8.5 ms. 8.1W ? 2.0A
IBM IC35L080AVVA07 82.3GB 160836480 7200 8.5 ms. 5.4W 24.15W 1.80A
IBM IC35L100AVVA07 102.9GB 201045600 7200 8.5 ms. 6.2W 25.35W 1.87A
IBM IC35L120AVVA07 123.5GB 241254720 7200 8.5 ms. 6.2W 25.35W 1.87A
Maxtor 4D080H4 81.9GB 160086528 5400 12 ms. 1W 5.2W 1.8A
Maxtor 4W080H6 81.9GB 160086528 5400 10.5 ms. 4W 6.2W 0.64A
Maxtor 4W100H6 100GB 195711264 5400 10.5 ms. 4W 6.2W 0.64A
Maxtor 4W120J6 120GB ? 5400 9.6 ms. 3.75W 5.2W 1.80A
Maxtor 4W160J8 160GB ? 5400 9.6 ms. 3.75W 5.2W 1.80A
Maxtor 98196H8 81.9GB 160086528 5400 9 ms. 5.5W 10.6W 2A
Seagate ST380020A 80GB 156301488 5400 8.9 ms. 5W 7.5W 2.2A
Seagate ST380021A 80GB 156301488 7200 9 ms. 9.3W 12.6W 2.2A
Western Digital WD1200BB 120GB 234441648 7200 8.9 ms. 7.25W 17W 2.2A
Western Digital WD1000BB 100GB 195371568 7200 8.9 ms. 7.25W 17W 2.2A
Western Digital WD800AB 80GB 156301488 5400 9.5 ms. 7.1W 13.7W 1.1A
Western Digital WD800BB 80GB 156301488 7200 8.9 ms. 7.25W 11W 1.8A

NOTE: The IBM drives can be set to disable auto-spinup. This will disable the drive from automatically spinning up when power is applied. This may be useful if you need to stretch the abilities of the power supply.

NOTE: The Maxtor drives should have the utilities 'SETACM.EXE' and 'SETWRTVR.EXE' (available from the Maxtor web site) run on them, to ensure maximum performance. This can only be done when the drive is connected to the motherboard IDE port.

NOTE: IDE disks larger than 137GB are not compatable with most IDE controllers. They use a new addressing method (LBA-48), and require controllers that can send the extra address information. Many of the newer controllers can do this, and some of the older controllers have BIOS updates to allow them to.

NOTE: The Western Digital WD1000BB and WD120BB are also available with a JB suffix. This version of the drive has a 8MB buffer, instead of the standard 2MB buffer.

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