Today's mobile user needs a richer array of features than they did even a few years ago. There is also a continually increasing demand for high performance while on the go. Additionally, the need for lighter weight and longer battery life increases.

ACCS has experience configuring and building laptop systems to meet the requirements of todays demanding mobile user. The specifications and options for our Laptop systems are as follows:

  • Intel Pentium-M processor from 1.3GHz to 1.7GHz with 1MB L2 cache
  • 14.1" 1024x768 XGA TFT LCD screen
  • Standard disk capacity of 30GB, with disks up to 80GB available
  • High-speed 60GB disk available
  • Standard memory capacity of 256MB, with up to 1GB available, using industry standard DDR266 SODIMMs
  • Integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 networking
  • Integrated Intel PRO 10/100 networking
  • Standard DVD/CDRW drive
  • Integrated modem
  • Integrated IrDA interface
  • Integrated USB 2.0 interface - 4 ports
  • Integrated IEEE1394 (Firewire) interface
  • Integrated VGA interface
  • Integrated parallel interface
  • Optional second disk, or second battery (replaces optical drive)
  • Optional USB Floppy drive
  • Optional BlueTooth interface
  • Battery life of 5 hours - 8 hours with optional second battery
  • System weight of 5 pounds


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