All computers are not created equal.  A computer that's built to play games well is not the same as a computer that's built to do accounting well.  Neither is likely to be well suited as a file server.  Special uses of computers require special configurations.  With Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products, you pay for features that you'll never use.

At ACCS, we know what hardware can do and what software needs.  We can configure a system that will do what you need, without the unnecessary extras.  We can configure systems to fit your budget.

ACCS will build systems to custom specifications (yours or ours).  We use quality components, and experienced system builders.  We thoroughly test every component in the completed system to ensure the most reliable system possible.

There are times when you need a special program, but can't find it.  With over 20 years of programming experience, we can design and write the software that you need.


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